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RL Events and Tastings

San Diego Wine Storage - Tasting Friday 10th June 2016

On Friday, we held a small gathering to introduce some of the Partners and Associates from a prominent law firm in San Diego, to the services at RL.  Dermot from SDWS kindly agreed to host the event giving us some insight on where best to store a growing collection of liquid assets. This was an informal event with some great wines and lively discussion (or critic depending on the wine) of well-aged, inexpensive claret Bordeaux vs a much younger cult Californian classic. A Sonoma Coast Chardonnay from legend Mark Aubert, led to cleanse the pallet, followed by a bright newly released Brunello from the epic 2010 vintage.

Wines tasted:

2010 Mark Aubert Sonoma Coast Chardonnay

Some excess malolactic acids present, with rich and slightly oaky flavours. More hot style California Chardonnay, rather than the classic Burgundian notes we were expecting, which are the more signature traits in recent vintages such as 2013. A pleasant fruity wine, but maybe just a touch too much acid.

2010 Poggio Antico Brunello di Montalcino

Only managing to grab a small sip of this in the proceedings, I am intrigued to taste as many 2010 Brunelli as possible in the coming months. A vintage of epic proportions, this is a sweet and energised young Brunello which will need some time. Smoky, silky and with cherry flavours, very good.

1990 Leoville Barton

Great aromas of roasted marshmallow and almond to start, let down a bit by the pallet and lacked a certain dimension to start. After about 30 minutes in the glass it hinted at the generous notes I had read from numerous critic. Herbs, pepper and black current. Sadly, a victim of bottle variation here.

1989 Leoville Lascases

Firing on all cylinders for a 90 Pt wine. Great example of a well-aged Bordeaux full of complex flavour, aromas morphing and changing with increased contact to the atmosphere. Each swirl brought new flavours, the room was quiet and appreciative. I sat and milked every drop of appreciation from it. Maybe even California like, reminded me of recently drunk 1997 Napa. While this may not be the greatest example of Leoville Laccases ever produced, it certainly gave us great insight into the property, what makes aged Bordeaux so damn good and finally, that they don’t have to be super shine. Wine of the night!

2011 Sine Qua Non Dark Blossom Grenache

Super perfumed nose of black cherry aromas, I was happy to sit with for a long while without even tasting the wine. On the pallet a blast of fruit and cassis. Almost overwhelming compared to the Bordeaux, some muttered ‘over extracted’ and ‘overpriced’, definitely not a wines for everyone. For me looking to embrace the wines of California, loved the layers and jumble of flavour. A wine so thick, it could definitely stay open a few days and still be enjoyed.

 - Garrick Whittaker



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