2012/2013 Aubert Chardonnay Super Single Collection - Priced under Market!

Aubert Chardonnay 
Exclusive Collection
750mL Bottles Available
Low Prices with High Ratings!
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Mark Aubert is the hottest Chardonnay producer in California right now and has been so for some time. He is the source of the absolute best chardonnay coming out of the cool Sonoma Coast region. I am pleased to offer this grand collection of Aubert Chardonnay covering all his single vineyard and estate releases, showcasing his best back to back vintages to date, the 2012 and 2013. These have all been purchased from one great source, bought on release and shipped direct from the estate.
Not a single bottle here that is not outstanding! These are all offered well below out list price, best in the market, priced to sell.
"It sounds like a broken record, but Mark Aubert is certainly one of a handful of California's finest practitioners of Burgundy-styled, classic California Chardonnays. He's at the top of the pyramid for these extraordinary wines. Mark Aubert had an impressive resumé long before he became this famous, mentored by Helen Turley when he was at Peter Michael, and from there spending impressive tenures at Colgin and Tom Futo's winery before he went off bound for glory. I am a big buyer of these wines every year, and often serve the wines to strangers at charity events. They are consistently the favorites that people taste." RP
"Aubert's Chardonnays, which I tend to drink in their first 4-5 years of life, can last well past a decade, but it hard to resist them at any age. I have seen the brilliance of Mark Aubert from many different perspectives from his time as chief winemaker at Peter Michael, then at Colgin and Futo, and now at his own estate on the Silverado trail south of Calistoga. He is clearly at the pinnacle of his profession. Kudos!" RP 2014
***The Wine List***
2013 Aubert Lauren Chardonnay  1 750mL $165.00 RP98+
2013 Aubert Sugar Shack Chardonnay  8 750mL $145.00 RP98
2013 Aubert Ritchie Chardonnay  13 750mL $110.00 RP95
2013 Aubert UV-SL Chardonnay  8 750mL $115.00 RP97+
2013 Aubert Carneros Chardonnay  3 750mL $95.00 WS93
2013 Aubert Larry & Hyde Chardonnay  3 750mL $115.00 RP96
2013 Aubert Sonoma Coast Chardonnay 13 750mL $75.00 RP95+
2012 Aubert Eastside Chardonnay  11 750mL $185.00 RP99
2012 Aubert Lauren Chardonnay  6 750mL $165.00 RP98+
2012 Aubert Ritchie Chardonnay  12 750mL $110.00 RP95
2012 Aubert UV-SL Chardonnay 9 750mL $115.00 RP96
2012 Aubert Larry & Hyde Chardonnay  14 750mL $115.00 RP96
2011 Aubert Eastside Chardonnay 1 750mL $115.00 WS95/RP94
2011 Aubert Lauren Chardonnay  7 750mL $110.00 RP95
2011 Aubert UV-SL Chardonnay 3 750mL $105.00 RP95
2011 Aubert Ritchie Chardonnay  6 750mL $115.00 RP96
2011 Aubert Carneros Chardonnay  6 750mL $75.00 RP91
2010 Aubert Sonoma Coast Chardonnay  7 750mL $80.00  
2009 Aubert Lauren Chardonnay  4 750mL $125.00 RP95/WS95
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